Ognjen Lukić

Softech Solutions

Ognjen Lukić has a rich experience in creating and promoting brands and services. Currently lead digital marketing agency Softech Solutions specialized in 360 degree digital solutions that cover all the pillars of your digital presence – digital strategies, website and application design and development, content management and creation, social media management and search engine optimization. We've got a confidence of most popular international brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Monopoly, Heineken, Western Union, Bambi etc. As a brand manager, he lead marketing for most circulated newspapers in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia, most visited news web-sites and successful classifieds and e-commerce platforms, focused on developing paid video content and mobile applications. His expertise lies in creating revenue and market share growth plans. His ability goes much beyond the boundaries of marketing and covers the entire scope of business including strategy, business management and leadership.